I am very thankful for the unique career path God placed me on. It’s an unforgettable journey that began in 2001.

For 14 years, I served with The Impact Movement, a partnering ministry of Cru. I began in campus ministry in Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina, followed by national roles at Impact’s headquarters in Orlando, Florida leading in communications, marketing, conference planning, summer missions, and material development.

In 2015, I sensed the Lord’s direction to steward my gifts in writing and communication in a new way and concluded years of significant ministry with Impact. I accepted a full-time position with Cru’s Writers Team and joined a talented collective of missionary journalists at Cru’s headquarters in Orlando.

img_2795In 2017, I was invited to grow in my leadership and communications gifts through two significant opportunities. I joined the Cru Senior Leadership Initiative – SLI 7, which is a two-year intensive and life-changing leadership program. SLI’s particular role is to intentionally invest in a select group of current leaders over two years to give them the capacity to lead at the national and executive level.

I also accepted the invitation to become Managing Editor of Cru Storylines, Cru’s new digital magazine. The role gives me the chance to serve as the first woman of color and first African American woman in a national communication leadership role with this international organization.

rebudlogoIn addition to those two accomplishments during 2017, membership into the Redbud Writers Guild was also extended to me. Redbud Writers Guild is an international community of Christian women who envision a vibrant and diverse movement of women who create in community and who influence culture and faith. Redbud members strive to change the world with words as we foster a safe sisterhood of creatives who thrive in a non-competitive, supportive community.

God just keeps on amazing me with the way He’s putting my journey together!

When I write articles for Cru and provide my influence editorially, I have the opportunity to disciple 550,000+ people from various backgrounds among our readership. When I gather stories to be published online, over radio broadcast and in print media I invite people in America and beyond to find their place in the Great Commission.

As a missionary writer and editor, I engage with people in very intimate ways both as I interview and as I am read. As an evangelist, I champion the needs of a lost world and equip Christians as they grow spiritually. 

My team member Philip reminded me of the significance of my role on this team, quoting author Dan Allender, “…we all have something unique to reflect about God. This is really applicable when it comes to writing. We’re a reading culture right now, and with so much information bombarding us we need trusted writers who are walking close with God.”

To learn how you can partner financially with me in this special work and reach thousands with the gospel, click here.

To read compelling stories of God’s work in America and around the world from Cru Storylines, click here.

You can view stories I’ve written for Cru.org like the ones below here.

Screen Shot 2018-06-30 at 12.29.21 PM

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